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Money is like manure. If you spread it around it does a lot of good. But if you pile it up in one place it stinks like hell. - Jr Murchison

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How to save money – car repair story.

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How to save money – car repair story.

Rule number 1 – Never believe a door to door salesman.

Have you ever had anyone come to your door with an offer that sounds too good to to true?  “I’m here to show you how to save money”. I did recently and I’m usually very sceptical about such offers but for once decided to try. What a mistake!  I was offered a voucher system and paid a small amount ($120.00) which supposedly included the labour costs for three car services in a year. Even though I became more sceptical as the services approached and I even discussed with my wife about not going ahead with the offer (and losing the $120.00), I proceeded.

Of course when the car was appraised I was told there were many things to be repaired and the bill would be large. What they do is make you buy parts, oils etc  through them and they put the price up so that it is just as expensive as if you were paying for labour. In fact, the price was much more than any mechanic I have ever been to before so it was a great lesson for me. I was very happy with the repairs that were done but the cost of parts and the final bill was a shock.

Use a tradesman you are happy with.

I think the moto of this post is to find a mechanic or service person you are happy with and stay with them. I also visited a local mechanic that charged only $90.00 plus parts for a standard service and oil change. Modern cars are very reliable and need very little other than oil changes and the brakes and other components changed when they wear out. As long as you treat your car with respect and not wear it out prematurely, it will not need a lot of  attention.

Telecommunications and energy  door to door.

Of course it’s not only just car repairs that can be sold to you door to door. How many times have you had someone from a telecommunications company or energy company come to your door to tell you they can “save you money” by changing to their company? I’ve resisted them many times or even refused to open the door and I can guarantee that most of the time you will be saving yourself money by not opening the door. The internet is an excellent place to start and look at comparing companies for mobile & home phone, gas & electricity, car repairs & maintenance. One of my first posts was “10 ways to save money around the home” where I talked about things on which you can save including some mentioned in this post.

I am about to investigate and research some of these utilities and services more and hope to add some comparison savings charts soon on this blog.

Thanks for now.

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  1. Well written post!!! You are right, we can save the money, if we will have proper knowledge. The tips you have shared sound interesting. I have learnt many new things through your post. Thanks for the wonderful info!!!

    8 Aug, 2014
    • Thanks for your comment. I’m trying to help people as much as I can and make it interesting at the same time. It’s great to have positive feedback – thanks again.
      Rob Bredin

      8 Aug, 2014

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