An economist is someone who didn't have enough personality to become an accountant.

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Money is like manure. If you spread it around it does a lot of good. But if you pile it up in one place it stinks like hell. - Jr Murchison

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The best job in the world


The best job in the world



Stephanie Gilmore


Whilst you’re toiling away at your job have a think about what would be your favourite job. What would you really like to do and get paid for? This came up in a conversation when I recently saw an article about World Women’s Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore. She has known no other job other than her favourite hobby which apparently now pays her in excess of $1 million per year. Not bad for a hobby turned career!! We all know she has tremendous natural talent and must have equal amounts of drive to succeed but she also must have thousands of hours of practice behind her to become best in the world. What I find amazing about people like Stephanie is that they have the drive at such a young age to push against the barriers that life sometimes confronts us with and forge forward toward a goal in such a single minded way.


David Bowie


David Bowies death in January this year is another example of someone who excelled at their craft and reaped the rewards. He started at such a young age and apparently tried to obtain a record deal with Apple Records when the Beatles were still together. He went on to become one of the the most inventive and experimentally visionary music artists of his generation. His catalogue of music encompasses everything from rock to funk, jazz, electronic and experimental. He always pushed the boundaries and although at times his music became very “poppy” and commercial, he knew it was a means to an end. If he could earn income by releasing commercial material it gave him the freedom to pursue the more experimental music that he loved. I always remember the line from his first song Space Oddity – “Floating in a most peculiar way”. That reminds me of the way Bowie dealt with his whole career. He was a brilliant man and definitely knew how to sell himself by floating from one concept or style to another whilst keeping ahead of his fellow artists. To keep at the level he did for four decades really was a monumental achievement. Take a look at him below in his earlier years.



Where does that leave me?


I believe everyone has some sort of hidden talent or idea that they can take advantage of to both improve themselves and/or their lives. Does it matter that it’s later in life? Of course not! Have a look at the Youtube video below of 106 year old Virginia McLaurin who visited the White House to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama just this week. She apparently wrote to them many times before being accepted and said she was there to “celebrate black history in America”. It was a priceless example of someone finally achieving a goal even at 106 years of age. Virginia apparently still volunteers at a local school to help the young children- what an inspiration!





In a previous post I have mentioned starting your own business. Although this can be hard work and involve many unpaid hours, the satisfaction of starting your own business and turning a passion into a job could be extremely rewarding. I hope this post has sparked some inspiration from within you to think about the possibilities of improving or changing your working or personal life. The possibilities are out there and sometimes it’s just a lack of motivation or inspiration that stops us from taking the next step. Good luck!!

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